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  1. Why should I trust Gateway Printing with my commercial printing?

    Gateway offers a professional and high quality print solution for your business. We are an experienced print provider and guarantee a quality solution on time and at the best possible price.


  2. How do I obtain a quote?

    Simply fill out our enquiry form with the details of your project or call us today on 9314 6009 to discuss your requirements.

  3. What is a PDF?

    A PDF (Portable Document Format) is a file format by Adobe. This file format assists to view and partially edit files originally created in almost any designing or word processing software. A PDF file can be viewed using Acrobat Reader which is freely available to be downloaded from Adobe We use this program for digital proofs and we recommend you install one in your system.

  4. How do I create a print ready PDF?

    Download Gateway Printing's preferred distiller settings from our resources section. This ensures your project will meet our system requirements.

  5. Why does Gateway Printing prefer artwork supplied as a PDF?

    Creating your artwork as a PDF will lock in the fonts, graphics and pictures ensuring a high level of consistency in your next project.

  6. Where is Gateway Printing located?

    Gateway Printing is located at Unit 11/15 Carbon Court, Osborne Park (upstairs).

  7. What is the difference between digital and offset printing?

    Offset printing is a process where an inked image is transferred from a plate to a rubber blanket then onto paper. While offset printing can take longer to set-up than a digital press it offers a high quality and cost effective solution for larger production runs.

    Digital Printing involves the production of an image digitally onto a drum which is then transferred via toner to paper. Digital printing is very economical for shorter print runs as there are no set up costs such as plates and the toner is already fused so it does not take long to dry. Digital printing also allows you to tailor each individual piece to the respondent by changing names, numbers and almost any information.

    Overall, digital printing is best for smaller runs and offset printing is better suited to larger runs however, there can be exceptions so speak to the team at Gateway Printing today and find out which is right for you.

  8. How long will my job take to print?

    The turnaround time it will take to finish a print job depends on the fine points involved. It may only take a few days to a few weeks. Always ask our friendly team to provide you with a timeline with your quote, as we pride ourselves on delivering on time, every time as long as we are aware of the scale of the project.

  9. How does Gateway Printing work to reduce our environmental impact?

    Gateway Printing is a Carbon Care company, with strong commitments to sustainable production. We have implemented a number of best practice initiatives and rely on environmentally sensitive inks and chemicals during production.

    In addition Gateway Printing sets goals for the diversion of waste products from landfill to recycling facilities whenever possible and aims to reduce waste levels by making investments in new technologies. We offer a full range of recycled papers so speak to our team about your options when undertaking your next project.