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Sustainable print

Please consider the following:


Commercially printed communication materials are today more environmentally sustainable than ever before. With advancements in environmentally sustainable print production and enhanced recycling processes, print is in many instances more environmnetally friendly than e-communication.


  • Paper is produced using a renewable resource- timber.
  • Sustainable timber harvesting is Greenhouse Gas emmision neutral.
  • The paper industry plans more trees than are harvested. It is estimated that there are 25% more trees today in the developed world than in 1900.
  •  Paper and printed communication are completely recyclable.
  •  Since 1990 energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas emmisions per tonne of paper produced has declined y 21% and 22% respectively. 
  •  Water used per tonne of paper production has reduced by 63% and is recycled up to 5 times. 
  •  Biofuels deliver around 46% of energy needs in pupl and paper production.