The future in digital printing technology is now at Gateway Printing with the Oce Arizona 480 GT flatbed printer and Oce ProCut 2500L cutter. Whether it's a simple poster or an elaborate specialty application, nearly anything you can imagine can be produced using our NEW Oce Display Graphics System.
The Arizona 480 GT has the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects in full colour, with white ink or even decorative varnish with near photographic image quality and exceptional detail to take graphics to the next level.

The Oce ProCut digital cutting system delivers exceptional cut quality, versatility & productivity for all display graphics applications. The Oce ProCut system can accomplish in minutes what can take hours by hand and with no cutting or trimming errors or reprints.
Stand out from the crowd as your signage and display items can take on new shapes or form including contour shapes, 3D constructed point of sale and designer furniture. From intricate kiss-cutting of decals to cutting and creasing card, to routing thick Gatorfoam and tough Dibond the Oce ProCut does it all. Check out some videos below of these amazing machines in action!


The Oce Arizona in action on a direct print to 9mm Plywood with near photo quality finish.


The Oce Procut Flatbed Rounter in action - cutting 10mm Black Acrylic with a brushed Aluminium finish.