Bringing your visions to life.

The future in digital printing technology is now at Gateway Printing with the Oce Arizona 480 GT flatbed printer and Oce ProCut 2500L cutter.

You picture it. We print it.

Whether it's a simple poster or an elaborate specialty application, nearly anything you can imagine can be produced using our Oce Display Graphics System.
The Arizona 480 GT has the ability to print on a wide variety of media and objects in full colour, with white ink or even decorative varnish with near photographic image quality and exceptional detail to take graphics to the next level. With white printing you can select from a wider range of media including transparent, coloured or metallic. Incorporating white into lightbox film enhances the colour resulting in striking signage for day and night applications.

The realistic, photo-like image quality is due to Oce VariaDot imaging technology which uses variable-sized droplets to deliver finer details and smoother gradients in highlight areas, as well as crisp colours in the mid-tones and incredible density in shadows and areas of solid colour.

  • Capability to print on virtually any rigid or flexible media up to 2.5m and 50.8mm thickness
  • Possible to image irregular shapes, pre-cut media, heavy materials, thick substrates or slightly uneven surfaces
  • Faster print speeds with quicker turnaround times
  • Limitless customization options 



Personalize furniture, walls and floors with unique designs.

  • Customised Wallpaper
  • Wall Murals
  • Click Floor Laminate
  • Floor graphics
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Splashbacks




  • Drink coasters
  • Plexiglass tables
  • Polystyrene furniture
  • Re-board furniture
  • Skateboards
  • Plastic carry cases



Grab shopper's attention with packaging that makes a statement. pos___packaging_1.jpg



  • Apparel (thongs, belts etc)
  • Ceramic tiles
  • Mobile phone covers
  • Tabletops
  • Garment iron-on transfers
  • Wooden toys